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Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithms

The following classes are available (all discussions assume CIlib version 0.5, and therefor assumes the same directory structure as used in CIlib):

  • gbest PSO [ Show ]
  • lbest PSO [ Show ]
  • Swarm Initialization [ Show ]
  • Stopping Conditions [ Show ]
  • Neighborhood Topologies [ Hide ]

    Implementation of Different Neighborhood Topologies (section 12.2, pages 106-109)

    Where are topologies defined?All topologies are defined in the entity.topologies class.

    How do I change the topology? The topology is specified via the topology tag. All topologies are implemented within the entity.topologies package. To change the topology, just provide the corresponding class name, e.g. VonNeumannTopology for the Von Neumann neighborhood topology.

    Which topologies are currently supported in CIlib? The following topologies are supported:

    • The star topology in the GBestTopology class
    • The ring topology in the LBestTopology class
    • The Von Neumann topology in the VonNeumannTopology class
    • A hypercube topology defined in the HypercubeTopology class