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From the back cover of the book...

Computational Intelligence: An Introduction offers an in-depth exploration into the adaptive mechanisms that enable intelligent behaviour in complex and changing environments. The main focus of this text is centered on the computational modelling of biological and natural intelligent systems, encompassing swarm intelligence, fuzzy systems, artificial neural networks, artificial immune systems and evolutionary computation.

This book presents a systematic introduction to the fundamentals of Computational Intelligence, including in-depth treatments of the more important and frequently used techniques. Numerous explanations and exercises allow readers to implement the different techniques themselves, and to apply these techniques to the solving of real world, complex problems.

Key features include:

  • State of the art coverage of the most recent developments in Computational Intelligence
  • Balanced treatment of the different Computational Intelligence paradigms
  • Complete algorithms in pseudo-code for easy implementation
  • Exercises to stimulate thought and breed new ideas
  • Easily accessible style: ideal for readers new to the subject

Additional features of the second edition include:

  • Elaborate coverage of radial basis function networks and reinforcement learning
  • Significant expansions on evolutionary algorithms
  • A more detailed coverage of particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization
  • A new part on artificial immune systems
  • Some advanced topics in computational optimization

This comprehensive reference, ranging from artificial neural networks to swarm intelligence will prove essential reading for undergraduates at the third or fourth year and post-graduate courses in computer science as well as for researchers new to the field.

CIlib: The book makes reference to an opensource framework for the implementation of CI algorithms. This website will provide guidance on how to use CIlib to implement selected algorithms. As the code base of CIlib expands, more implementations will be provided.